Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on August 21

As we continue to enjoy the days of summer busy with vacations and visits to the beach, thoughts are already turning to the kids going back to school and Labor Day.

But there is another important holiday this month we need to remember and celebrate.

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day when we honor the achievements and accomplishments of older Americans everywhere.

There are more than 40 million senior citizens living in the United States today, and that number continues to grow. People are living longer than ever before and many senior citizens are proving that it isn’t about the years in your life but the life in your years.

President Ronald Reagan created National Senior Citizens Day in 1988 when he put forth a proclamation recognizing the establishment of a new national holiday. It is now celebrated with special events at senior and community centers across the country

We should all something do something special on the day. Giving back to our parents, grandparents and older neighbors is so important. We would not be here without the foundation they built for us and we should let them know they are appreciated.

There are many simple yet valuable ways to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day. Pick up the phone and call an older friend or loved one just to say hello. Pay a visit to your local veterans or senior citizens center. If you able, volunteer at a local nursing home.

Also, encourage your children and their friends to get involved and mark the day with a visit to the grandparents or an older neighbor.

Senior Citizens Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the long-term contribution and dedication of older people, and to ensure that we’re doing our best to give something back to older people.

The wellbeing and happiness of our senior citizens should be a priority and that’s why National Senior Citizens Day is so important.

Let’s us take the time to celebrate the older Americans in our lives. We wouldn’t be where were are today without them.

Joseph Cryan is the Acting Union County Sheriff.