Statement from the Sheriff regarding the lockdown of the Union County Vocational-Technical Schools

At 8:30 a.m. today, the staff at one of the Union County Vocational-Technical schools received information with regard to a potential threat to one of our Vo-Tech schools. The one particular school which was mentioned in the text was immediately placed in lockdown and the additional schools on campus were put in a shelter-in-place. A Sheriff’s Officer, along with an officer from the Union County Police Department who were already on scene, took control of the situation. Additional units from surrounding agencies responded as well to ensure the well-being of all campus students and staff.

An investigation was immediately started and a person of interest was identified. Officers on scene continued their investigation which included a sweep of the premises utilizing the Union County Sheriff’s K-9 unit. A short time thereafter, officers and investigators deemed the threat not credible and it was at this time that the lockdown was lifted at the one school and the shelter in place at the remaining schools was also lifted.

We as a law enforcement community are thankful for the initial reporting of the incident and also encourage individuals if they see or hear something to say something. I am also thankful for the quick response of our law enforcement partners which help keep our community safe day in and day out.

Lastly, I would like to thank the parents and guardians of all students involved for having the patience and understanding during this incident and for placing your trust in us for the safekeeping of your most prized possession, your children.

Peter Corvelli
Union County Sheriff