Crime Scene Unit Officers Cisneros & Garrido complete the NJ State Police Crime Scene Investigations Course

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Union County Sheriff Peter Corvelli and Union County Commissioner Lourdes Leon would like to congratulate Crime Scene Unit Officers Giovanni Cisneros and Suzette Garrido on successful completion of the 7-week New Jersey State Police Crime Scene Investigations Course.

This 7-week program is an intense 280-hour course that covers fingerprint identification, courtroom testimony, forensic photography, shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, and laboratory examinations (including autopsies, DNA, serology, etc.). In addition to these subjects, this course conducted mock crime scene practicals, report writing exercises, simulated courtroom testimony exercises, and written examinations.

Outside of the 10-week training course at the National Forensic Academy in Tennessee, this is the most elite and intense training course our officers are required to complete.