Historical Document Donation

Sgt. Anastasatos recently presented Sheriff Corveilli with a bail bond from 1792. This historical document was signed by Sheriff Benjamin Williamson of the Borough of Elizabeth, prior to the 1857 creation of Union County. 

Sgt. Anastasatos was contacted by Mr. Dewayne Bennet of Liberty, South Carolina, who seized the bail bond through an estate.  Mr. Bennet expressed a desire to return this priceless artifact to, “The Sheriff’s Office of which it came from after 231 years.” Sgt. Anastasatos worked with fellow history buff Mr. Bennett to have the document shipped home to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.  After confirming the legitimacy of the document through the Library of Congress, Sgt. Anastasatos delivered the bail bond to me where it will be proudly displayed among other important historical items highlighting the history of the Sheriff’s Office.

For a frame of reference here are some fun facts about the United States in 1792:

  • President George Washington was unanimously elected to his second term
  • The Coinage Act was signed creating the U.S. Mint
  • Kentucky becomes the 15th U.S. State
  • The Post Office Department was created
  • The first presidential veto is used by President George Washington