Exploring Nature
in Warinanco Park
Friday, June 16 & Saturday, June 17
5pm-12:30am on Friday and 6am-5pm on Saturday

Activities for the Public

No pre-registration required. Register the day of the event.

Rub elbows with scientists and naturalists and find out how they identify fungi, plants and animals found in Warinanco Park.

Stay up late on Friday to look for owls, moths, bats, stars & planets. Return early on Saturday for a full day of biodiversity fun! 

Free Programs include:

  • Going Batty With Bats!
  • Star Watch
  • Moths
  • Prowling For Owls
  • Fish Survey
  • Stream Scramble
  • Frog Slogging
  • Investigating Insects
  • Live Hawks & Owls

Scientists and Experts

Pre-Registration required.  Click here to register online.

We need your skills, expertise and enthusiasm to help us identify and record fungi, plant and animal species living in Warinanco Park.

Help us take a “snapshot” of the park’s biodiversity and raise public awareness of the importance of parkland as wildlife habitat. 

Teams include, but not limited to:

  • Fungi
  • Plants
  • Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Insects
  • Amphibians & Reptiles
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Mammals

Photos on this page are courtesy of Gary Szelc