Mosquito Control Spraying Tonight, Thursday, Sept 19th

Please be advised, Union County Mosquito Control will be spraying for Adult Mosquitoes tonight, Thursday September 19, 2019, between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 12:00 A.M. (Weather Permitting). Check below and see if your Town is on the list. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mosquito Control: 908-654-9873


Berkeley Heights- Camp Grounds (Mountain Ave.), Cromwell Ct., Chaucer Dr., York Pl., Watchhung Way., Circle View Way., Berkshire Dr., Riverbend Rd., North Rd., Old Farm Rd., Cedar Green Ln., Sherbrook Dr., Deep Dale Dr., Tanglewood Dr., Berkeley Ct., Mountain Ave. Ext., Dogwood Ln., Lorraine Ln., Kent Dr., Janet Pl., Hilltop Ave., Elm Pl., Brookside La., Beechwood Rd., Archer La., Water La., Apple Tree Row., Ralph Pl., Cedar La., Rose Ave., Emerson La., Cataract Hollow R., (Deserted Village), Passaic Ave., Camptown Dr., La Secla Pl., Delmore Ave., Marion Ave., Kuntz Ave. 

Clark – Oakridge Rd., Kennedy Dr., Featherbed La., King St., Madison Hill Rd.

Elizabeth – Wyoming Ave., Princeton Ave., Clarkson Ave. Area, High St., Front St., Joint Essex – Union Sewerage Authority

Fanwood– Fanwood Pl., (D.P.W.) Linda Pl.

Garwood– Center St., Maple St.

Hillside – Harvard, Cornell, Westminster area, North Ave. (Kean Univ.)

Linden – East & West Baltimore Ave., Emma Pl., Clinton St., Clinton St., S. Wood Ave. (L.R.S.A.) (Phillips 66.) Tremley Point Rd. (area).

Mountainside– Elston Dr., Darby La., Fitness Trail. Summit La.

New Providence – Charnwood Dr. & Charnwood Ave., Central Ave.

Plainfield –East 3rd St. & St. Nicholas Blvd., Hunter Ave., Willow Ave. Cushing., Cooper., Knollwood Ct.

Rahway –Midwood Dr., Elston., Capo Bianco Pl., Randolph., Leesville Ave

Roselle– Chestnut St., Spruce St., Pine St., 12th Ave.

Roselle Park – Chestnut St., (Walking Path)., Union Ave., Beechwood Ave.

Scotch Plains – Frank St., Algonquin Dr., Shawnee Path., Newark Ave., Elizabeth Ave., Jersey Ave.

Springfield– Fadam Rd., Cottage La., Oakland Ave., Waverly Rd., Marion., Diven St., Elwood Rd., SmithField Dr.

Summit– New Providence Rd.,(Summit transfer station) Glenside Ave., (Fountain Baptist Church) Glenside Ave. (Canine)

Union– Denk Ct., Walton Ave., Franklin St., West Line Ave., Gifford Ct., Savitt Pl., Brighton St., Morris Ave., (Interlux).  Fairway Dr.

Westfield– Fanwood Ave., Hamilton Ave.

Winfield – Union County Parkway


County Parks-

  • Garwood: Unami Pk.
  • Clark: Oak Ridge Park. (Archery Range)       
  • Hillside: Conant Pk., Rutgers Pk.,        
  • Elizabeth: Mattano Pk.                     
  • Union: Rabkin Pk.
  • Mountainside: Echo Lake Pk.                           


Municipal Parks –

  • Berkeley Heights: Columbia Pk.
  • Linden: Memorial Pk.                   
  • Westfield: Mindowaskin Pk. (near pond)