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Union County Offers Tips to Enjoy Safer Holidays and Save Money, Too

Union County, NJ – With a few basic guidelines in mind, Union County residents can keep holiday expenses down while helping to improve safety on the roads and at home.

“We want everyone to have a pleasant, relaxing holiday season,” said Union County Freeholder Chairman Daniel P. Sullivan. “By taking time to plan ahead, you can save money, help prevent accidents, and avoid theft and other unfortunate situations.”

Sullivan reminded Union County residents that the Union County Office of Consumer Affairs is available to answer questions about consumer products and services, at 908-654-9840. All voice messages are answered promptly.

Holiday Tips:

“Driving Green” saves up to 30% on gas while helping to prevent traffic accidents. The basics are: observe posted speed limits, don’t tailgate or weave, avoid jackrabbit starts, and don’t idle while parked or waiting for drive-through service (after just 15 seconds, idling uses more gas than shutting off and restarting the engine).

Avoid losing your purse or wallet by planning ahead to shop leisurely. Rushing from store to store makes you more vulnerable to pickpockets and scams. Rushing can also lead to other problems such as losing car keys, getting shortchanged, or leaving new purchases behind.

Lower the risk of fire, by checking tree lights and ornaments for signs of wear. Be extremely careful when using candles, fireplaces, oil lanterns, and kerosene heaters. Always keep gift wrap away from these fire hazards (used gift wrap, boxes, cards, and other paper goods should be disposed with your mixed paper recycling).

Prevent gift-related accidents involving children, by purchasing or donating toys clearly marked with an age appropriate label. These labels are designed to help prevent injury and death, especially from choking.

Entertain on a budget by serving more fruits and vegetables, and fewer packaged snacks. For a free online course on nutritious budgeting, visit the Rutgers University “Small Steps to Health and Wealth” program,
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