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The Silent Majority — Moths of NJ


The following press release is from the Trailside Museum Association. Media please contact Paul McNamara, President, with any questions at 908-233-8461.

Union County NJ Moth light trap in action
Moth light trap in action.

With 110,000 species of moth worldwide and approximately 2,000 in the Garden State, naturalist/biologist Blaine Rothauser can be kept pretty entertained during sleepless nights attracting, sorting, identifying, and trying to get a peek into their secret lives.

The under-appreciated cousins of butterflies, moths are truly the silent majority of the insect world and the presence of some species can indicate whether a habitat is healthy or compromised.

Join Blaine at the Trailside Nature & Science Center in Mountainside on Thursday, May 14 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. as he shares his extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for these winged beauties through an indoor photo rich presentation followed by an outdoor hands-on sodium vapor light trap demonstration.

Moths attracted to the light will be examined closely and moth biology and fun facts about specific species will be covered.

For: adults and children accompanied by adult ages 8 years and up. Free. Call Trailside to register @ 908-789-3670.

Space is limited. The Silent Majority – Moths of New Jersey is funded and hosted by the Trailside Museum Association, (find us on Facebook) the non-profit friends group for Trailside Nature & Science Center. The talk and demo is offered as a precursor to the Union County’s 11th Annual Bio-Blitz on June 12 & 13. Mr. Rothauser will provide a free moth trapping demo at the Blitz as well on June 12. For more information about Bio-Blitz, visit

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