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NJ Clean Communities Council Gives “Education Award” to Union County Recycling Bureau Chief

JoAnn Gemenden
JoAnn Gemenden accepts the “Education Award” from NJCCC President Patrick Ryan

JoAnn Gemenden, chief of the Union County Bureau of Recycling & Planning in Scotch Plains, has received the “Education Award” from the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) for the development of two educational tools: an interactive Jeopardy! game and the New Jersey Clean Communities Litter Activity Book.

These clever marketing materials have been added to the NJCCC’s ongoing campaign to inform residents about litter’s harmful effects on the environment and how to reduce it on a larger scale.

Gemenden, who serves on the NJCCC state board, created the litter-themed Jeopardy! game as an educational tool for the state’s Clean Communities coordinators. Meanwhile, the activity book is geared toward school-aged children in the younger grades.

“Developing new programs to educate the public about the harmful effects littering has on the environment and wildlife is always a challenge,” said Gemenden, of Rahway. “But the Clean Communities program encourages us to create fun and interactive methods to reach audiences of all ages.  With the help of these educational tools, I hope that many more New Jerseyans will learn about the importance of not littering and contribute to the overall effort of a cleaner environment.”

Freeholder Chairman Bruce H. Bergen congratulated Gemenden on receiving the award.

“JoAnn’s development of educational vehicles on recycling have enlightened many different audiences about the importance of recycling,” Freeholder Bergen said. “The Freeholder Board commends her for these achievements for the positive impact her efforts have in our community and environment.”

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