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5th annual Union County Student Training and Enrichment Program

Union County Freeholders Christopher Hudak, Linda Carter and Alexander Mirabella congratulate the recipients of the Susan Hudak Leadership Award at the 5th annual Union County Student Training and Enrichment Program (UC STEP) Summit at Kean University in Union. UC STEP is a day-long summit that invites high school sophomores and juniors from throughout Union County to participate in hands-on activities focused on leadership, personal growth, and civic engagement.

More than 200 students from 22 high schools in Union County broke into 11 groups to attend breakout sessions focused on personal growth and leadership while collaborating with others to work through the day’s activities. One student from each group received the Susan Hudak Leadership Award.

The recipients are: Thomas Gilmartin from Cranford High School, Giovanna Castaneda from Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy, Alexis Waites from Plainfield High School, Destiny Walker U.C. TEAMS, Jose Calixto from Cranford High School, Milly Azcona from Hillside High School, Alexis Brooks from Jonathon Dayton High School, Caity McTernan from Jonathon Dayton High School, Nina Suske from New Providence High School, Cristina Altamirano from Benedictine Academy and Virendra Ghate from U.C.V.T.S.

For more information about UC STEP visit (Photo by Jim Lowney/County of Union)