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Car Donated to Disabled Veteran

Union County Freeholder Chairman Sergio Granados and Union County Office of Veteran Services Coordinator Janna Williams joined Mike Boll and Frank “Doc” Shupp of the New Jersey Veterans Network in thanking Joseph O’Neill, owner of Benner’s Auto Body in Cranford, as he presented disabled veteran Manny Archille with the donation of a car he refurbished. Mr. Archille served in the Gulf War with the US Marine Corps.

Through the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides™ program, the GEICO insurance company provided Benner’s Auto Body with two cars that were totaled in accidents. Mr. O’Neill and his shop were then responsible to repair the vehicles to be ready for donation to a charity.

Working with the New Jersey Veterans Network Mr. O’Neill made contact with Mr. Archille through the Abundant Life Worship Center of Springfield.

Benner Auto Body is currently refurbishing the second car from GEICO to be donated to a veteran in need.

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(Photo by Jim Lowney/County of Union)