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Letter-to-Editor Regarding 2020 General Election, by Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi

October 6, 2020

Dear Editor:

The Governor and Legislature have ordered an unprecedented change in the November 3 General Election. Here are the main points Union County voters need to know:

  • The 2020 General Election will be conducted primarily through Vote-by-Mail ballots.
  • As required by state law, the County Clerk’s Elections Division has mailed General Election Vote-by-Mail ballots to all registered voters. The first mailing was concluded on October 3, and there will be two additional mailings in October.
  • If your General Election ballot does not arrive by October 25, or if you have lost or damaged your ballot, please contact the County Clerk’s Elections Division for assistance by phone at 908-527-4996 or by email at
  • Voters with disabilities who cannot use a regular Vote-by-Mail ballot can contact the Elections Division to obtain an accessible ballot.
  • Voters are encouraged to return their Vote-by-Mail ballots as soon as possible.
  • Return your Vote-by-Mail ballot by U.S. Postal Service (postage is prepaid), deposit it in any of 22 secure ballot drop boxes located in throughout the County, or hand-deliver it to the Board of Elections office in Elizabeth, or to the County Clerk’s offices in Elizabeth or Westfield. Please note that your ballot must be sealed in both the certificate envelope and the mailing envelope, regardless of which method you choose.
  • For hand delivery to the Board of Elections or County Clerk, the voter must sign a register and present a valid New Jersey driver’s license or other official New Jersey identification as required by state law.
  • A limited number of polling places will be open on Election Day, November 3. You can bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot to your designated polling place, but remember that it must be sealed inside both the certificate and mailing envelopes.
  • ADA-accessible voting machines will be available at the polling sites on Election Day only for voters with disabilities that prevent them from filling out a paper ballot.
  • The General Election Vote-by-Mail ballots are clearly marked “General Election” at the top. Ballots marked “Primary Election” are from the July 7 Primary Election and should be discarded. Voters who have mistakenly used a Primary ballot can still vote in the General Election with their General Election Vote-by-Mail ballot.

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, my focus has been on ensuring that voters understand the options available to them. My office has been using all available tools, including media, social media, the website, the UC Votes app for mobile devices, and the Union County First Alert system, to disseminate accurate, up-to-date information to the public.

We have also created a how-to-vote brochure, which has been sent to each voter with their Vote-by-Mail ballot. In addition, we have created a step-by-step video on how to use a Vote-by-Mail ballot, which can be viewed at

Voters can also track their Vote-by-Mail ballot by using the New Jersey Division of Elections Ballot Tracker tool. More details are available at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Elections Division at 908-527-4996, or email


Joanne Rajoppi

Union County Clerk