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Seventh Annual Union County Infrastructure Grant Program Awards Announced

1.5 million awarded in infrastructure grantsUnion County, NJ – Drainage improvements in Berkeley Heights. A detention basin in Elizabeth. ADA Improvements at the Municipal Complex in Roselle Park.  Repaving on numerous roads. These are some of the projects that this year’s Union County Freeholders Infrastructure Grant program will fund throughout the County.

In all, the Union County Board of Commissioners made awards to 21 municipalities as part of the seventh annual Union County Infrastructure Grant program, funding projects aimed at spurring economic development growth, and providing indirect tax relief.

The program was conceived by Commissioner Christopher Hudak in 2015, developed by the County’s Commissioner Fiscal Committee and administered by the Department of Economic Development.  This year’s Fiscal Committee is comprised of Commissioner Chris Hudak as Chair. Also on the Fiscal Committee are Commissioner Vice Chair Rebecca Williams as well as Commissioners Sergio Granados and Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded.

Road improvements once again topped the list as the most requested program for funding, among the municipalities.

“This past winter provided us with plenty of inclement weather and as a result, there are multiple roads in need of repair or resurfacing,” said County Commissioner Chairman Alexander Mirabella. “The Infrastructure grant program is aimed at helping our municipalities make these and other needed improvements that benefit the residents of Union County and improve their quality of life.”

Commissioner Hudak agreed, adding:

“Our goal is to provide an economic boost to our municipalities and leverage their funds in making essential improvements,” said Fiscal Chair, Commissioner Chris Hudak. “With more people moving into Union County than ever before, and new development coming on line, it’s important that we continue to make infrastructure our highest priority.”

The matching grant initiative makes available approximately $1.5 million to Union County’s 21 municipalities, assisting them to accomplish tasks undertaken in calendar year 2021.

Funding for the grant is provided through the proceeds from the sale of Runnells Specialized Hospital in 2014.

The Union County Infrastructure Grant Awards for 2021 are as follows:

Municipality 2021 Projects Award Amount
Berkeley Heights Drainage Improvement at Glenside Road & Various Locations  $62,000.00
Clark 2021 Clark Capital Road Improvement Program  $65,000.00
Cranford 2021 Cranford Resurfacing Project  $90,000.00
Elizabeth Elizabeth River Flood Control Project/Ursino Detention Basin  $145,000.00
Fanwood 2021 Fanwood Road Improvement Program  $40,000.00
Garwood -Paving Improvements to Section of Locust Avenue

-Paving Improvements to Section of Center Street

-Improvements to Public Works Municipal Garage

-Community Enhancement Improvements to Downtown Area-Various

Hillside Hillside Municipal Building Security Improvements Project  $20,525.06
Kenilworth -Records Mangement Scanning-Phase 2

-Sanitary Sewer Evaluation

-Repair & Replacement of Borough Sidewalks

-Digital Signage

Linden 2021 Linden Resurfacing of Various Streets  $90,000.00
Mountainside Resurfacing of Garrett Road & Hickory Lane  $40,000.00
New Providence 2021 New Providence Roadway Paving Project  $50,000.00
Plainfield 2021 Plainfield Roadway Improvement Project: East Third Street  $145,000.00
Rahway 2021 Rahway Resurfacing Project  $95,000.00
Roselle 2021 Roselle Various Street Improvements  $70,000.00
Roselle Park ADA Improvements at Municipal Complex  $62,500.00
Scotch Plains 2021 Scotch Plains Roadwork Assistance Program  $100,000.00
Springfield 2021 Springfield Paving Improvements on Various Streets  $60,000.00
Summit -Butler Parkway Improvement Project

-City Hall Records Management Improvement Project

Union 2021 Union Road Improvement Project-Phase II  $95,000.00
Westfield Improvement of Willow Grove Road  $100,000.00
Winfield -Power DMS for 11 Users: Police Department;

-Firefighter Projective Clothing & Equipment, 28′ Extension Ladder


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