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Union County Clerk Advises Property Owners on Fraud Prevention

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi reminds Union County property owners that the Property Fraud Alert Notification system enables property owners to respond quickly to unauthorized, potentially fraudulent activity involving their property. The program is completely free for Union County property owners.

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“Just recently, thieves stole the identity of a property owner in Westfield and tried to sell their home without their permission,” said Ms. Rajoppi. “Property fraud is especially insidious because the victims often have no idea that their property rights have been compromised. The Fraud Alert system fills that knowledge gap and ensures that owners are informed promptly of any activities involving their property records.”

The Property Fraud Alert system enables property owners to identify a potential problem as quickly as possible, and take action to re-establish their property rights.

Property owners in Union County can subscribe to the free Property Fraud Alert system by registering online at, or contact the Property Fraud Alert call center at 1-800-728-3858.

Subscribers can opt to receive alerts by phone or email. Additional names can be registered free of charge, to cover common misspellings. Please note that subscribers with common names may receive multiple alerts.

Subscribers will be notified when the name they have registered is used in any recording activities within the office of the County Clerk.

When an alert is received, the subscriber is advised to visit the Union County Clerk’s property search website at to check for unauthorized activity. The online system can be accessed 24/7. Subscribers can also call 1-800-728-3858 during regular weekday business hours.

Subscribers should report any suspicious activity to their local Police Department.

For information about all County Clerk programs and services, visit online at or call 908-527-4787.

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