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Senate President Scutari & Union County Commissioners Announce New $33 Million Funding for Union County Vocational-Technical Schools

The Union County Board of County Commissioners proudly announce that the Union County Vocational-Technical Schools (UCVTS) will receive $33 million in financial investment to expand and improve facilities on their campus. Senate President Nicholas Scutari made the official public announcement at the school’s Board of Education meeting, alongside Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados, Commissioner Vice-Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded, Commissioners Lourdes Leon and Bette Jane Kowalski, as well as school leaders and students.

“Our commitment to collaborating with Union County Vocational-Technical Schools to make our schools top-notch has always been one of our top priorities when it comes to education,” said Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “Now, with this recent allocation of additional funding from the state, we have an unprecedented opportunity to significantly expand the Union County Vocational-Technical Schools. This expansion will not only benefit the faculty but also enrich the educational experience for the students, both now and in the future. On behalf of the Union County Board of County Commissioners, we would like to thank the State of New Jersey, especially Senate President Nick Scutari for their continued support and this allocation.”

The $33 million financial investment marks a historic moment for both the educational institution and the community it serves. The funding secured by Senate President Scutari will allow UCVTS to continue to provide nationally recognized educational opportunities to college bound high school students as well as adults interested in technical skills for a new career, or who want to enhance existing skills.

“I’m proud I was an early supporter of the vision of Union County Vocational-Technical Schools, when this beautiful campus we have now was just an empty field. I will continue to support the growth of the schools, and ensure that the best and the brightest students of Union County have the resources they need to reach their potential,” announced Senate President Nick Scutari.

The Scotch Plains campus houses several career academies and technical institutions. All of the schools partner with industry, colleges and universities, as well as government entities to provide real-world experience that can translate into college preparation or support job placement.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve our current students, as well as plan for new ways to expand our curriculum and serve the community at-large,” said UCVTS Superintendent of Schools Gwendolyn S. Ryan.