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Union County Launches Skillup Program to Empower Residents & Boost Workforce Development

To view a video from Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados about this initiative, please click here.

The Union County Board of County Commissioners proudly announces the launch of SkillUp Program, as part of Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados’ “Pathway to Opportunities” initiatives under his 2023 Chairman’s theme, “Building a Stronger Union County.”

“As we wrap up 2023 and step into the New Year, I am happy to announce this new initiative designed to empower residents with the tools to enhance their career skills and obtain nationally-recognized credentials and certifications,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “Union County believes in being the most up-to-date and qualified, ensuring our community thrives in the ever-evolving job market and the SkillUp Program is not just about helping residents; it is about empowering employees and employers countywide.”

Developed by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the SkillUp Program is a catalyst for change, offering free, online, self-paced training portals. It offers an extensive curriculum, featuring over 6,000 courses across 10 career pathways and 200 occupations. For those who prefer a more interactive approach, a game-based learning app is also available.

The program provides opportunities for individuals to receive training in various certifications, learn new skill sets, or simply refine existing abilities. The comprehensive nature of SkillUp, caters to individuals seeking new career paths, those aiming to advance in their current roles, and business owners aspiring to build a more skilled workforce.

To enroll in the SkillUp Program, residents can visit or contact the American Job Center at 908-558-8000 for assistance.