Employment Opportunities at the Union County Police

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An Equal Opportunity Employer
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Do you want to serve your community?

The Union County Police Department is a multi jurisdictional entity. We patrol all of Union County and assist the 21 municipalities as well as the Sheriff’s Office and the County Prosecutor’s Office.  We are an equal opportunity employer and we are currently looking for people who wish to serve their community. In addition to our Patrol function we also have many specialized units:

  • Bomb Squad
  • Marine Unit
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Fatal Accident Unit
  • Ballistics Unit
  • Investigations
  • Special Operations Unit
  • Special Investigations Unit
  • Regional Dispatch Center (we currently dispatch for 17 agencies)
  • Specialized Patrol Unit (ATVs, Motorcycles, Bikes, etc.)

What do we do?

Patrol – Our officers patrol the entirety of the County of Union as well as the waterways between Union County and New York, but our primary concern is Union County parkland, buildings and facilities as well as the patrons who use them. UCPD is one of three county-wide law enforcement agencies tasked with serving the citizens of Union County; but, unlike the other two, our Patrol Division is active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our Patrol officers work a 4&4 schedule (i.e., they work 4 days and are off for 4 days each cycle).

Mutual Aid – In addition to our primary responsibility of keeping Union County’s more than 6,000 acres of parkland, its buildings and facilities safe, we assist other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. From sending our officers to assist in an event that’s overwhelmed the staffing resources of another department to sending specially trained officers with highly specialized equipment to handle emergencies which most local departments aren’t equipped or trained to handle.

911 Call Handling – Not all of our personnel carry guns; we also have civilian Public Safety Telecommunicators (PSTs) who handle our 911 center and dispatch our officers as well as Police, Fire and EMS for a number of UC communities.

Investigations Division – Investigates all crimes not immediately cleared by Patrol. Interviews suspects and witnesses. In command at all major crime scenes

Special Investigations Unit – Conducts Specialized undercover surveillance operations. Drug Interdiction.

Marine Unit – Patrols the waterways around Union County. One of 4 units that patrol the Arthur Kill. Protects critical infrastructure located along our waterways. Trained and equipped for Search and Rescue.

Bomb Squad – Highly trained technicians who regularly train and instruct at Earle Naval Base. Responds to bomb disposal calls throughout Union County and at Newark Int. Airport. Collects ammunition, explosives and fireworks confiscated by other agencies for destruction.

Ballistics Unit – Fully functional Firearms Identification Laboratory. Conducts Forensic Examination of Firearm Evidence submitted by Municipal, County, State & Federal Agencies.

Fatal Accident Unit – Responds to serious/fatal MVCs (Motor Vehicle Crashes) and reconstructs the root causes. Using laser mapping equipment, maps crime and crash scenes.

Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) – Enforces State Traffic Laws. Weighs commercial vehicles. Assists with traffic at large events.

What do we offer?

  • Competitive Salaries.
  • Diverse Assignments.
  • Training Opportunities.
  • Equal Opportunity Employment.
  • Service to the Community.

What are the requirements?

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Union County residency is required at time of employment.
  • Pass criminal background.
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D
  • In order to be considered for employment in an entry-level law enforcement position, candidates must pass a written exam called the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) which is administered by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission