Emergency Services

The Union County Police Emergency Services Unit is a specialized response unit that is trained to handle tasks not assigned to regular patrol officers.

Utilizing a wide array of special tools and equipment this unit is responsible for such tasks as heavy rescue, underwater search and recovery (SCUBA), crime scene/incident field lighting, crime scene searching, open water rescue, and overall support to any of the Police agencies in Union County.

Officers are trained in the proper use of the special equipment assigned to the unit. Some of this equipment includes, portable cutting and hand tools, Jaws of Life/Rescue tool, metal detectors, climbing gear, body bunker ballistic shields, portable field lighting, light towers, zodiac scuba boat, underwater scuba gear, and underwater search tools.

Officers are called upon frequently to assist other County and local police agencies in the investigation of serious crimes. This assistance may be anything from lighting a crime scene for processing to conducting an underwater search for recovery of evidence or weapons.

The Emergency Services Unit works to assist the County’s Emergency Management office in times of need. This would include responding to any situation that would have widespread effects on the County, such as a large transportation accidents, hazardous material incidents, flooding, or disasters.