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UCDOC COVID-19 Action Plan


Communications & Engagement Plan

Understanding that there are many stakeholders with interest or questions about planning and preparation for COVID-19 in jails, the Department has taken several steps to provide accurate and up-to-date public health information to the public, inmates, and staff. 

Publicly available materials – the Union County Department of Corrections has  provided critical data related to the novel coronavirus inside the jail.

Materials within our facility – UCDOC has made every effort to keep our dedicated workforce engaged and aware of COVID-19 related changes daily at roll call and departmental directive bulletins. We have also posted informational posters in the facility and visitor’s areas. These materials include advice on essential health guidance and precautions including proper hand washing techniques and other infection avoidance and social distancing. These postings are in English and Spanish.  UCDOC is also displaying rotating PSA images on TVs in the facility. The CDC best practices have been added to the  orientation video. 

Temperature Check Kiosks – added to the Intake/Release Area and front door

Keeping people under our care safe and informed – UCDOC is regularly communicating with the inmate population with guidance and relevant updates to protocols directly from facility staff and  through inmate committee meetings.

Keeping staff safe and informed – In addition to basic precautions, UCDOC personnel have been repeatedly directed to:

    1. Stay home if they are feeling sick or meeting any of the high or medium risk categories as defined by the CDC
    2. Any personnel who shows up to work will have a wellness check by a medical professional prior to being allowed entrance to the facility. This screening includes a non-contact fever check. Anyone with a reading higher than 100.4 will be told to return home and advised to contact their primary care provider. Also, anyone who shows up with a cough, or shortness of breath will be sent home.  In addition to taking basic precautions, staff have repeatedly been provided the most up to date health guidance via department directives on how to monitor systems and what to do when ill. 

All staff must notify and report to the Custody Operations Division (COD) if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19 or confirmed exposure to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.