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Union County Residents Can Get “Back to Basics” with New Recycling Video Series


Pro Tip: Your local recycler will reject bottles, cans and other containers when they are mixed in with plastic bags. Use a reusable basket, box, mesh bag or tote to carry items from your kitchen to the recycling bin.



General Information: 

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Did you know…?

Union County parks are part of the Atlantic Flyway, where many species of birds migrate and make their homes.

Union County parks are favorite spots for fishing and other activities, but birds can become trapped in discarded fishing line and litter. They can also be harmed by eating plastic bags and other debris.


Act locally:

Use the new Reel in and Recycle bins to discard unwanted fishing line in County parks. The line is collected and recycled to make new fishing gear, fish habitats, and other items.

If trash or recycling bins are full or unavailable, take items home for disposal.


Help globally:

Create safe habitats for migratory birds — and permanent residents, too — by reducing the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides on your property.

Use Union County’s handy “Plant This, Not That” guide to find shrubs and trees that add color to your property while providing beneficial habitats for birds and other pollinators.


Success Story:

All seemed lost for a beautiful green heron when it became trapped in a tree, after becoming entangled in fishing line at Union County’s Lenape Park.

A potential tragedy was averted when an alert passer-by spotted the trouble and notified the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation.

The rescuers managed to extricate the bird from the tree and remove the fishing line.

After a brief respite in a cardboard box, the heron was ready to fly again.



For assistance with wildlife in a Union County park during regular business hours, call the Parks Department at 908-527-4900.