Mosquito Control Spraying Planned Tonight

Union County Mosquito Control will be spraying for adult mosquitos tonight between 7:30pm and 11:30pm. The spraying will be prognosticated by the weather conditions; rain and high winds will cancel the operation. The areas to be sprayed are as follows:

  • Streets
    • Clark– Frances Dr., St. Agnes Church rear lot, Featherbed La.,Emerald Pl., Emerson Rd., Clark DPW yard, Nassau St., Cook St., Fulton St., Poplar Terr. 
    • Cranford-Raritan Rd @ G.S. Parkway church areas, Myrtle Pl. 
    • Elizabeth– Clarkson Ave./ Elizabeth River area, Acme St., Niles St., Spencer St. and area                   
    • Hillside– Army Corp of Engineer Dike-Harvard Ave., Cornell Pl., John St., Westminster area, Salem Rd., Wilder St.
    • Kenilworth– Oakwood Ave., Maple Ave., Dorsett Dr., Water Co. Rd., Ashwood Ave., Maplewood Ave., Beechwood Ave., N.12th St., Commonwealth Rd., Tulip Ct., Shady La.
    • Linden– Tremley Pt., Bradford Ave., Marion Ave., Lexington Ave., Miner Terr., Van Buren Ave., Bower St., Munsell ave., W. Stimpson Ave.
    • Plainfield– Harvey Pl,.  Dryden Pl., St. Nicholas Blvd., 3rd St., Cushing Rd., Knollwood Ct., Ashland Ave., Randolf Rd., Parkside Rd., Pemberton Ave.
    • Rahway– Minna St., Leesville Ave., Grove St., Central Ave., Church St., New Church St. Beacon St. Pine St., Milton Ave., Wall St., Henry St., Maple Ave., Hamilton St. Seminary St., River Rd, El. Ave, Donald Ave., Price St. Whittier St., Allen St., Kearny Ave., Lincoln Ave. , Rayon Terr.
    • Roselle–  West Brook Woods Condos, Roselle G.C. area, Pine St., Columbus Ave., Oakley St.
    • Roselle Park–  Woodside Garden Apt.s and RR tracks
    • Springfield– Marion Ave., Diven, Smithfield Dr., Evergreen Ave.
    • Scotch Plains– Church St., Laurie Ct., Quimby La., Hollywood Ave., Acacia Rd., Hunter Ave., Ashbrook G.C. service yard
    • Union-  Rahway Ave, Brighton St., Gifford Ct. /Akzo-Nobel property, Savitt Pl. , Faiway Dr., Kawameeh Dr., Burkley Pl.
    • Westfield– Rahway Ave (armory), Cacciola Pl., Windsor Pl., Myrtle Ave., Livingston St.
    • Winfield-Union Cty. Pkwy.
  • County Parks
    • Clark-Oak Ridge/ Esposito                            
    • Elizabeth-Warinanco/Matano
    • Hillside-Conant                            
    • Union-Kawameeh
    • Mountainside– Echo Lake  
    • Plainfield-Cedar Brook/Green Brook/ Milt Campbell
    • Rahway-Rahway
  • Municipal Parks
    • Clark-Bartell Pk./Curry Pk.
    • Cranford-Hanson Pk.
    • Linden-Memorial Pk.
    • Plainfield-Public Library area park
    • Westfield- Mindowskin Pk.