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Union County, NJ – New federal grants totaling $23 million have poured into Union County this year, creating new jobs and enabling the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders to approve more roadway resurfacing projects and other vital infrastructure upgrades, along with other programs.  The new funds come from President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

“Union County’s transportation infrastructure supports a global hub that provides a vital economic pathway for New Jersey and the nation. It is hard to imagine a scenario under which the system could keep going with our local revenues alone,” said Union County Freeholder Daniel P. Sullivan. “The work we have been able to do through ARRA clearly demonstrates the value of putting federal tax dollars to work on projects that serve the public welfare.”

In all, Union County has received $23 million in ARRA funding for infrastructure, energy efficiency improvements, public safety programs, and human services including meals for seniors, job training, foreclosure guidance and housing assistance. Of the total, $11.3 million is available for road resurfacing and improvements to key intersections.

Union County has just completed the road resurfacing projects funded by ARRA. They add up to 12 miles of new surface including sections of:

* Lamberts Mill Road and Martine Avenue in Scotch Plains
* East Hazelwood Avenue, West Inman Avenue and Woodbridge Road in Rahway
* Bonnie Burn Road in Watchung
* Mountain Avenue and Constantine Avenue in Summit
* Kenilworth Boulevard in Kenilworth
* Stiles Street in Linden
* Salem Road in Union
* Galloping Hill Road in Elizabeth
* Plainfield Avenue in Berkeley Heights
* Mountainside Avenue in Mountainside
* Springfield Avenue and Mountainside Avenue in Springfield
* Springfield Avenue in Westfield

ARRA funding for upgraded intersections will be used to install new signals, road markings and signage for improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety. The new signals use high efficiency LED technology that reduces energy costs. Where needed, the work also involves upgrading curb cuts and other features to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many of the projects are located in Elizabeth.

“If you look at a map of Union County, you will see that many County roads converge on Elizabeth, along with major bus routes and rail lines,” said Sullivan. “By upgrading key intersections there, we make life easier and safer for everyone, whether you drive a passenger or commercial vehicle, use mass transit, walk, or ride a bike.”

The intersection improvements include:


* North Broad Street and King Street


* North Broad Street and at Lower Road
* Summer Street, South Street and South Broad Street
* Pearl Street at Washington Avenue
* West Jersey Street, West Grand Street, Orchard Street and Chilton Street
* Orchard Street and Cherry Street
* North Broad Street at Wilder Street
* West Grand Street at Grove Street
* Maggie Avenue at Monmouth Avenue

Plainfield (Park Avenue Corridor)

* 8th Street, 9th Street, Randolph Road, Thornton Avenue and South End/Parkway Drive


* Orange Avenue, Union Avenue and Springfield Avenue

Scotch Plains (Terrill Road Corridor)

* Terrill Road and Raritan Road, East Front Street, East Second Street, East Third Street/Midway Avenue, South Avenue, East Seventh Street/LaGrande Avenue, and Cooper Road
* Raritan Road and Martine Avenue

Sullivan noted that the Terrill Road Corridor intersections will be upgraded to include a dedicated left turn lane and improved sightlines, which is expected to reduce traffic accidents on the roadway.

In addition to ARRA-funded projects, Union County has also just embarked on another round of road resurfacing projects funded through the County budget, totaling 12 miles on the following roads:

* Summit Avenue in Summit
* South Springfield Avenue and Mountain Avenue in Springfield
* Mountain Avenue in Westfield
* Green Brook road in Plainfield
* West Chestnut Street and Morris Avenue in Union
* Terrill Road in Scotch Plains
* Brant Avenue, Oak Ridge Road and Valley Road in Clark
* North Street and Orchard Street in Elizabeth
* Warinanco Park Road in Roselle
* West Milton Avenue and New Brunswick Avenue in Rahway

“It bears repeating that these are vital infrastructure projects that help improve road safety in Union County, while upgrading the efficiency of our transportation system,” said Sullivan. “In addition, every time we put a shovel in a ground that means more people are going to work in Union County.”

Union County also received ARRA funding for energy efficiency improvements in County buildings, totaling $2.8 million. These projects are designed to cut utility costs in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  They include digital control systems that provide temperature resets as well as the installation of programmable thermostats, high efficiency air conditioning units, and high efficiency condensing boilers.

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