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ELIZABETH—Union County Freeholder Chairman Daniel P. Sullivan today announced the County has launched its redesigned website offering the public a streamlined site that’s easier to use, with simpler navigation, new content, social networking support, hosting multimedia and interactive features. The website address is

Among the many useful items the website currently or soon will feature are:

  • A more intuitive, user friendly web site redesign with a new look and feel.
  • A streamlined menu bar with a search feature that simplifies navigation
  • Instant surveys for input from residents on services and important issues that matter to them.
  • Contact forms that make it easier for residents to communicate to the Board of Chosen Freeholders
  • A dedicated Freeholder portal that will present pertinent information on county initiatives, useful links, and press releases.
  • A dedicated video channel featuring news, useful information on services, special events, Vintage Views and Freeholder Forum.
  • Social Networking Design and Support—including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds which allow citizens to subscribe to news and services, and be notified as soon as information is added.
  • Hot Topics section and Calendar that highlights all current and relevant county news and events
  • A “How to” feature that provides a list of the most commonly requested site information
  • A planned interactive mobile channel strategy that will leverage SMS, and mobile applications.


“We created the new Union County web site with our top priority being an informative, useful site for the general public,” said Freeholder Chairman Sullivan. “County staff and Union County-based Web Creations have worked hard over the Summer months to make it easier for people to find information on our new web site. Some input we received about the existing web site was that some information was missing or hard to find. We undertook a major renovation with the goal of making information more complete, and easily accessible. The new site is designed to encourage more citizen participation and allow better access to government.”

Sullivan added the website will also be a positive image of the County that may help attract tourism and economic development as well.

“By making information more accessible online, the number of calls and visits to County offices will be reduced, which reduces costs for the County and the taxpayer,” said Sullivan. “Citizens will be able to find more of what they need online, often saving a trip to County offices, which is especially helpful for residents living in outlying areas or with residents having difficulty traveling.”

Union County’s web site is an extensive resource center serving as a portal for many different County Government services and as a portal to the 21 municipalities of Union County.

The Public Information Department, County Manager’s Office, Parks and Community Renewal Department managed the overall project with its consultant, Web Creations, based in Clark, which is handling redesign, implementation and maintenance.

The redesign process began in June, when personnel began gathering data updating the current website. Search engine deployment, design and site content development took place over the next several months.  The page will continue to undergo changes and updates.