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Union County Voters Displaced By Hurricane Sandy Can Still Cast a Ballot

Union County, NJ – The Office of Union County Clerk Joann Rajoppi advised Union County voters that new options have been made available for early voting by email or fax. The procedures are designed to help ensure that registered voters can participate in the election, even if they cannot get to their regular polling place. These procedures are available only to registered Union County voters who have been forced to leave Union County due to Hurricane Sandy.

Many Union County residents have been forced to leave the area, either for their own safety or to look after other family members, and the gas shortage has added to the difficulty in getting around. With these new options, voters can participate from any location without having to travel back to their regular polling place.

The new options were issued by the State of New Jersey Division of Elections and apply statewide. Basically, they enable displaced voters to use electronic procedures that are normally available only to military and overseas voters.

If you are a Union County resident displaced by Hurricane Sandy, the first step is to visit the County Clerk’s website, and download an application for a Vote-by-Mail ballot.


After you fill out the application, email it to the County Clerk’s office at or fax it to 908-558-3592. The deadline for submitting applications by fax or email is 5:00 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday November 6.

The next step is conducted by the Union County Clerk’s office, which will verify that you are registered to vote in Union County. The Clerk will then send a ballot back to you by email or fax, whichever you have chosen.

The last step is to fill out your ballot and send it back by email to or by fax to 908-527-4127. Be sure to include the secrecy waiver form that came with your ballot. The deadline for sending your ballot and waiver is 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday November 6.