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Union County to Host Crossbow Sighting Adjustment Sessions at Oak Ridge Park Archery Range

The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Union County Department of Parks and Recreation are pleased to announce dates available for licensed New Jersey bow hunters to sight-in crossbows at the Oak Ridge Archery Range, located in Oak Ridge Park, Clark, New Jersey. Crossbow sighting systems are important because they give the hunter a point of aim on any target, thus increasing the accuracy of the crossbow.

On Monday, August 24, and again on the following Monday, August 31, the Oak Ridge Archery Range will be open to crossbow sight-in participants from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  The Union County Archery Range staff will supervise the participating archers, who must all abide by safety restrictions and limitations.

“With the start of bow season in New Jersey approaching, these sessions will help make it a successful and more importantly safer hunting season for all involved,” said Freeholder Chairman Mohamed S. Jalloh.  “Working with our trained Archery Range staff, hunters will have a safe environment in which to insure their equipment is at its best for the hunting season.”

In order to participate archers must adhere to the following safety restrictions:

  • Must produce a valid New Jersey bow hunting license.
  • Must provide a suitable crossbow target.
  • Only field points permitted; no broad heads allowed.
  • Sighting-in of crossbows will be permitted only in designated archery lanes, and under the supervision of archery range staff.
  • All archery range safety procedures and guidelines must be followed.
  • No more than three (3) crossbow archers sighting-in a one time.
  • The Oak Ridge Archery Range will only be open to crossbow sight in use on the above dates and times. Crossbow use is specifically forbidden at the Oak Ridge Archery Range any other time. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For more information about the Oak Ridge Archery Range you can visit the Union County Parks and Recreation website at