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Union County Clerk Posts Presidential Election Results from 1920 to 2012

Vote Union County NJUnion County, NJ – Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi invites County residents and visitors to view results of presidential elections dating back to 1920. A link to the data is available on the County Clerk’s website,

“Making these election records open to all provides a window into the history of Union County – a county which has changed demographically, politically and geographically in the 92 years we have kept election records. I am excited to make these records available,” said Ms. Rajoppi.

“Interest in the electoral process runs high during presidential election years, and this historical data provides an opportunity to view past elections going back almost one hundred years. It’s fascinating to pick out patterns in the numbers, and to recall the many personalities who waged campaigns both within their party and against the opposing party,” she further explained.

The new page includes the names and party affiliations of all the Presidential candidates in both the primary and general elections beginning in 1920. Votes among the 21 towns are aggregated into countywide figures and arranged in categories including the total number of votes cast as well as the number of registered voters.


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