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Union County SAGE Table Community Lunch

On Sunday, the Freeholder Board and the City of Plainfield partnered with Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and Garden State Equality to host the first Union County SAGE Table community lunch at the new Plainfield Cultural Center (formerly FUSP). The intergenerational event brought together LGBTQ family members, friends and allies

Organized by the Office of LGBTQ Affairs and the Division on Aging (ADRC), the event is a program of the national SAGE organization and is designed to draw the community closer together, to alleviate the loneliness common to many LGBT seniors and to share stories and ideas, and engage in meaningful conversation about how we relate to people across age boundaries in the community, and how we can take action together.

Freeholder Chair Bette Jane Kowalski, Freeholder Vice Chairman Alexander Mirabella and Freeholder Rebecca L. Williams attended the event.