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Union County Voters Advised on Ballot “Cure” Letters

Union County, NJ – Some Union County voters will receive letters from the Union County Board of Elections over the coming weeks to advise them of signature deficiencies in their Vote-by-Mail ballots. Under New Jersey State law, voters who receive a “cure” letter have the opportunity to update their signature in order for their vote to be counted in the November 3 General Election.

“The ballot curing process is a new feature of elections in New Jersey. In some instances, a voter may have forgotten to sign their certificate envelope, or perhaps their signature has changed over time.  This process is aimed at ensuring that a voter is not deprived of exercising their right to participate in an election,” said Board of Elections Administrator Nicole DiRado.

Voters who receive a cure letter are advised to read the instructions carefully, fill it out and return the form as soon as possible. A self-addressed, postage prepaid envelope is included in the mailing.

“The Union County Board of Elections will only send official, election mail. It is important to open any mail sent from our office,” DiRado advised.

To view instructions for using a Vote-by-Mail ballot correctly, visit the Election Board online at

Instructions are also available at

Early voting is already under way in Union County, and all voters are advised to return their Vote-by-Mail ballots as soon as possible.

The following early voting options are available to all voters:

  • Send the Vote-by-Mail ballot by U.S. Postal Service (postage is prepaid)
  • Deposit it in any one of 22 official Board of Elections ballot drop boxes located throughout Union County. All drop boxes are available on a 24/7 basis, and are under camera surveillance 24/7. All ballots are picked up daily by a bipartisan team from the Board of Elections.
  • Hand deliver it to the Board of Elections or County Clerk’s offices. Hand-delivery requires signing a register and showing New Jersey identification.
  • Designate a ballot bearer to hand deliver it (instructions are printed on the ballot).

Voters can also exercise all of these options on Election Day, November 3, until the polls close at 8:00 p.m. The Board of Elections and County Clerk’s offices will remain open until 8:00 p.m. on Election Day for voters choosing to hand deliver their ballots.

In addition, on Election Day a limited number of polling places will be open for in-person voting. Voters can hand deliver their Vote-by-Mail ballot to their designated polling place. Voters who come to their polling place without a Vote-by-Mail ballot will be provided with a paper provisional ballot to use.

ADA-accessible voting machines will be available only for voters with disabilities that prevent them from using a paper ballot.

For more details about voter options for the 2020 General Election, visit, email, or call 908-527-4123. All email and phone messages will be returned.

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