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Union County Looks to Public for Input on Ongoing Truck Mobility Study

The Union County Freeholder Board is seeking public input on its Truck Mobility Study being conducted through the County Economic Department’s Division of Strategic Planning and Bureau of Transportation Planning.

The Truck Mobility Study analyzes the flow of truck traffic on the 174-mile County roadway network. In consideration are the needs of businesses located on County roads and residents who drive cars, walk or bicycle along the same network.

“Our Union County Truck Mobility Study has been underway for several months and we’ve reached a point where feedback from our residents is necessary,” said Freeholder Chairman, Alexander Mirabella. “We encourage all residents to participate and do their part to help to make County roads safer.”

To obtain insights from residents and businesses, a “Wikimap” of Union County and County roadways has been created. All municipalities are marked and residents are asked to click within the map to comment on specific locations where they have concerns about trucks and congestion. Safety concerns as well as specific bicycle and pedestrian concerns will also be addressed.

Residents can access the “Wikimap” site at to add their input.

Wikimap is an interactive, crowd-sourced online tool as well as an efficient means to get comments and feedback. The “Wikimap” is bilingual and can be access from any internet-enabled device.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gathering, this online tool is critical to the success of the Union County Truck Mobility Study. Residents are provided an opportunity to offer their feedback safely and at times convenient to them.

Reponses will be tallied at the conclusion of public outreach.

Businesses are attracted to Union County for its geographic advantage and skilled workforce. During the Truck Mobility Study, the Bureau of Transportation Planning has worked with local governments and businesses to learn more about the freight activity in the area.

The goals of the Union County Truck Mobility Study are to identify freight-focused improvements and upgrade safety and security for users and all modes of travel. The concerns of those who drive, bike, or walk and regularly share the roadway with trucks will also be addressed.

For questions or more information regarding the Union County Truck Mobility Study contact Liza Betz, Bureau of Transportation by phone at 908 558 2273 or email at

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