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Trans Awareness Week

Today is the first day of #TransAwarenessWeek and the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and Office of LGBTQ Affairs understand the importance lifting up and increasing visibility of transgender and gender diverse people and taking action on issues impacting the community.

This year for Transgender Awareness Week, the Freeholder Board and Office of LGBTQ Affairs join GLAAD in encouraging everyone to watch the documentary DISCLOSURE on Netflix. The feature from director Sam Feder and executive producer Laverne Cox explores the history of trans representation in TV and film in unprecedented form, revealing how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and manufactures people’s deepest anxieties about gender.

According to GLAAD, “Given that 80% Americans believe they have never personally met someone who is transgender, that means the majority of the public’s education and awareness about this community has been informed by more than a century’s worth of media which has overwhelmingly misrepresented and mischaracterized who trans people are–significantly influencing public perceptions, policy, and attitudes about the trans community.”
If you’re a member of the trans and gender diverse community and would like to know more about the Office of LGBTQ Affairs, please feel free to contact Danni Newbury at