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Union County Addresses New Jersey Disaster Declaration in the Wake of Hurricane Ida

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Statement from Chairman of the Union County Board of County Commissioners

On behalf of the Union County Board of County Commissioners, I urge President Biden and FEMA to revise the New Jersey Disaster Declaration to include Union County. Individuals in Union County as well as local governments need this critical funding to assist in recovery efforts from the impact of the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

With 21 municipalities and almost 600,000 residents, Union County was hit hard in multiple locations with flash floods and fatalities. For many, the situation is dire and critical. This storm, and its aftermath, was in many aspects worse than what our County experienced with Hurricane Sandy. Our residents need this federal assistance to cover uninsured property losses, repairs, temporary housing for those that were displaced and recovery of what, in many cases, are entire livelihoods. Inclusion of Union County in the New Jersey Disaster Declaration is not only necessary, but essential.

This assistance is also needed to develop mitigation efforts so that in the future, the residents of Union County can better weather these literal storms and their aftermaths, but for this to happen, the action and resources must come now. The County is already working to provide resources to our residents where possible, but we cannot and should not have to do this without assistance from FEMA and federal government agencies. Union County will not let its residents recover from this disaster alone and we implore the federal government to recognize Union County within the affected areas covered by the New Jersey Disaster Declaration so that our residents can get the help that they desperately require.

The Union County Board of County Commissioners asks residents who have been impacted to submit their losses on the state website: Union County residents can also call: 1-888-845-3434 or (908) 558-2288.  Residents who call the hotline can report damage but also get assistance with shelter, food, childcare and other resources that may be needed.


Alexander Mirabella, Chairman

Union County Board of County Commissioners