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Union County closes on Purchase of the Roselle Park EMS Building

The Union County Board of County Commissioners are pleased to announce that the County of Union has officially closed on the purchase of the Emergency Medical Services Building (EMS) in Roselle Park.

“We have been using the Roselle Park EMS building for a number of years as a base for one of our ambulances,” said Commissioner Chair Rebecca Williams. “However, we are now purchasing the building for our permanent use, which will continue to strengthen the services provided by our Union County EMS team.”

Union County EMS was created in 2011 to provide mutual aid in pre-hospital care throughout the county.  The program, was then staffed by thirteen (13) part time EMTs, operating Monday through Friday, however, this quickly evolved into a full time organization with multiple ambulances on duty 24/7. 

On August 1, 2015, Union County EMS entered into an Agreement to cover daytime medical calls in in Roselle Park.  That agreement expanded in August 2017, when Union County became the exclusive provider of Roselle Park’s Emergency Medical Services. It was the first town to become a part of the Union County EMS program.

Union County EMS now employees sixty (60) EMTs, using a combination of per diem and full time employees.  To date, Union County EMS has responded to over 58,000 calls spanning all 21 municipalities.  From August 1, 2015 through October 31, 2022, the UC EMS have been dispatched to 5,678 calls in Roselle Park. 

“We’re thrilled to deepen our ties to the County of Union with this sale. Small municipalities are reliant on county services, and this ensures the residents of Roselle Park will be supported for generations to come and allows the County to make much-needed improvements to the building to serve all of Union County,” said Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello.

The Laurel Avenue property, was purchased for $750,000 and is Union County’s second operating EMS Center. The other locations is in Westfield, where it is headquartered. 

For more information, please call Union County Emergency Services at 908-654-9881.