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Fire Danger Set to Very High

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The fire danger rating is now at VERY HIGH for all of New Jersey,  The New Jersey Forest Fire Service has imposed Stage 2 campfire restrictions, which include the following.

  • All fires within or adjacent to forested areas are prohibited unless in an elevated prepared fireplace, elevated charcoal grill or stove using electricity or a liquid or gas fuel.
  • An elevated prepared fireplace must be constructed of steel, stone, brick or concrete with its fire box elevated at least one foot above the ground surface and surrounded by at least a ten feet radius clearance to mineral soil.
  • An elevated charcoal grill may be stationary or portable and surrounded by at least a ten feet radius clearance to mineral soil.
  • At the Scout Camping Area in the Watchung Reservation, permit holders may use the group charcoal grill in each campsite, but not the fire rings on the ground.  They may use the stone fire altars in the Council Ring.
  • At the Amphitheater behind the former Trailside Planetarium, permit holders may have a campfire on the raised fire altar.
  • In picnic areas, park users can use our permanent metal charcoal grills or they may use their own if they have metal legs to elevate them at least a foot off of the ground.
    • They may also use propane or liquid gas fueled stoves that are elevated. 
    • Park users may not use stone or masonry fireplaces that are built at ground level, such as at Seeley’s Pond or the David Wright gazebo at Osceola (Winfield Park).