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New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces $1.5 Million Funding for the County of Union’s Rahway Valley Rails-to-Trails Project

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The Union County Board of County Commissioners is proud to announce that the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has awarded the County of Union $1,500,000 in funding from the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program for the Rahway Valley Rails-to-Trails Project.

The Rahway Valley Rails-to-Trails Project will create safe multi-use trails from the abandoned Rahway Valley Railroad section that traverses the Borough of Kenilworth and the Borough of Roselle Park.  These new trails, designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, will connect communities, businesses, shopping and recreational opportunities.

“On behalf of the Union County Board of County Commissioners, we are grateful to the NJDOT for their commitment to creating vibrant and sustainable transportation alternatives that enrich our communities,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “The Rahway Valley Rails-to-Trails Project paves the way for a brighter future, where safe and accessible multi-use trails bring people together, boost local businesses, create jobs and unlock the beauty of Union County.”

The completion of this project will significantly improve modes of transportation in the County, specifically as it relates to cyclists and pedestrian walkways. The County has seen a growing number of trail enthusiasts and the conversion of the Rahway Valley Railroad into an active greenway trail will give residents more opportunities to exercise in and explore their community.

Administered by NJDOT in collaboration with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), and the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO), the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program focuses on providing federal funds for community-based “non-traditional” surface transportation projects. The program aims to enhance the cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects of the nation’s intermodal system.

The County of Union’s selection for the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program funding highlights NJDOT’s commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure and creating vibrant, accessible communities.