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Union County Unveils New Communication Board During Disability Pride Month

The Union County Board of County Commissioners proudly announces the introduction of innovative Communication Boards aimed at facilitating communication and interaction for non-verbal children, as part of Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados’ theme of “Building a Stronger Union County” for 2023. This initiative, unveiled during the commemoration of Disability Pride Month in July, signifies a significant step forward in promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all residents.

“With the installation of these boards we are on a continuous path towards promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “These communication boards offer benefits that extend beyond individuals with disabilities. They also provide valuable assistance to children learning to speak, individuals who speak different languages within our diverse community, and many others. By creating these spaces where individuals feel heard and safe, our aim is to have a lasting positive impact on children and their families, enabling them to communicate, connect, and actively participate in our community. These boards exemplify Union County’s solid commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that values every resident, regardless of their abilities.”

The first Communication Board was unveiled at Warinanco Park on Monday, July 17, 2023. In line with Union County’s vision for widespread accessibility, multiple Communication Boards will be placed in parks across the county over the course of the year. In the upcoming weeks, specifically, three additional boards will be installed at Mattano Park in Elizabeth, Ponderosa Park in Scotch Plains, and Nomahegan Park in Cranford.

Communication boards are used to help people with limited language skills express themselves. They can also help develop better language skills, more autonomy, and positive social interactions. Communication boards provide a more inclusive means of expression by offering visual images as an alternative to spoken language. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who may face challenges in verbalizing their thoughts. Additionally, these boards facilitate a better understanding of the needs and thoughts of nonspeaking or minimally verbal individuals, fostering greater communication and empathy among others.

Designed specifically for non-verbal children, these Communication Boards employ a range of symbols, pictures, and words to enable individuals to express their thoughts, needs, and desires. By providing a visual communication tool, these boards offer a platform for effective interaction, encouraging engagement, and enhancing the overall quality of life for non-verbal children.

Union County aims to foster a community that values and supports individuals of all abilities, recognizing their unique perspectives and contributions. By championing initiatives like the Communication Boards, Union County aims to strengthen social bonds, foster understanding, and promote a culture of inclusivity.

For more information about these boards or any other resources available, please contact Manuel Ramirez from the Union County Bureau of ADA Compliance at 908-527-4432 or