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Union County Workforce Development Board seeks Feedback from Employers to Better Understand the Challenges and Opportunities associated with Employing Individuals with Disabilities

The Union County Workforce Development Board seeks feedback from employers to better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with employing individuals with disabilities.

Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados is excited to share a significant initiative undertaken by Union County’s Board of County Commissioners and Workforce Development Board Disability Committee. As many of you may know, it is the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a milestone that signifies our commitment to promoting equal rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

To commemorate this significant occasion, we are launching an employer survey aimed at understanding the unique aspects of employing individuals with disabilities at – the survey is open NOW and for 30 days.

Your input is crucial in helping us gain a comprehensive understanding of the obstacles and opportunities related to employing individuals with disabilities.

By participating in this survey, employers will actively contribute to the advancement of inclusive workplaces. Your feedback will pave the way for strategies that foster inclusivity, break down barriers, and create environments where all employees can thrive.

By understanding the challenges faced, we can create tailored solutions to ensure that individuals with disabilities can contribute their unique skills and talents effectively.

The data collected from this survey will serve as the foundation for shaping future initiatives in our region. Your valuable feedback will inform our policies, programs, and resources, ensuring that we address specific needs and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

We assure all participants that their responses will remain confidential and anonymous. Please help us get a better understanding of the unique aspects of working with individuals with disabilities in your workplace.

Together, we can drive positive change in our workforce landscape. By working collectively, we can build a more inclusive, understanding, and equitable work environment for all employees.

Complete the survey now by visiting