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Union County Introduces Two New Performing Arts Grants for High Schools & Non-Profits

The Union County Board of County Commissioners proudly announces the Union County On Stage! Grant Program, as part of an initiative of Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados following in line with his theme of “Building a Stronger Union County” for 2023. This initiative, aimed at providing significant support to performing arts programs throughout Union County, is open to all Union County high schools and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, and signifies an important investment in local arts.

“We have seen many instances in the past where Arts programs are the first to lose funding, and the first eliminated during budget cutbacks,” said Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “That is why I have created this grant program that will allow local schools and nonprofits to create new programs — and develop existing ones — for the good of all our residents. There’s such tremendous talent here in Union County waiting to be unlocked. Our Board of County Commissioners supports the arts and will find innovative ways to showcase our local talent through programs like Union County On Stage! I encourage all eligible organizations to apply.”

The Union County On Stage! Grant Program includes two types of grants:

School Grant

All Union County high schools are eligible to apply. The total amount of this grant is $25,000.00. The funding available per school will be dependent upon the number of schools that submit applications.

Community Grant

Local non-profit organizations in Union County with tax-exempt status are eligible to apply. The total amount of this grant is $10,000. The funding available will be dependent upon the number of non-profit organizations that apply.

All applicants must be based in Union County. The programming covered by the grant must take place in Union County during Fall/Early Winter of 2023.

Grant applications must be submitted to the Office of Open Space, Recreation & Historic Preservation Fund, who is overseeing the program, by 5:00pm on Monday, September 25, 2023. To apply online, visit

For additional information, please contact Angelica Cedeno at 908-558-2279 or email at