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Voting Security on Election Night in Union County

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi has released a new video on security measures for election tabulation that occurs at the close of the polls on Election Day.  The video is available on the home page of, in English and Spanish.

“Transparency of the election is of paramount importance,” Clerk Rajoppi said.  “In an effort to better inform our voters on the security, integrity, and chain of custody in the operation, we produced an explanatory video of the step by step process.  I want voters to know that I care as much about their vote as they do and am committed to protecting it.”

Union County implements strict security measures as Election Day nears to ensure the integrity of the voting process. After polling stations close, USB drives with ballot data are collected, securely transported by sheriff officers to tabulating sites, and the data is recorded. All ballots are carefully counted, including vote-by-mail, emergency, and provisional ballots. Ballots dropped off at designated locations are collected daily and counted after polls close. These ballots are securely stored at the Board of Elections.

To track preliminary results on Election Night, residents can visit the County Clerk website at, or download the Union County Votes app for free. Results will be updated throughout the night. The official certification of results takes place 15 days after Election Day.

For more information about election security measures, contact the Elections Division at 908-527-4996 or Additional videos, including instructions on how to vote by mail, can be found on