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Voting Now Open in Union County’s UC-STEP Program Unveiling Mental Health Initiatives

 The Union County Board of County Commissioners announces the official start of the voting process for this year’s UC-STEP project. This year, the project will revolve around mental health, aligning with Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados’s initiative, “Stepping Up to Mental Health,” and building upon his Chairman’s theme of “Building a Stronger Union County.”

“We are excited to reveal the three outstanding proposals centered around mental health for this year’s UC-STEP service project,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados. “The commitment of our high school students to address pressing community issues is admirable. Their innovative ideas and passion for promoting mental well-being showcase the potential for positive change that can be initiated by the younger generation. We cannot wait to witness the impact these projects will have on both individuals and the Union County community.”

For the past eight years, high school students participating in the UC-STEP enrichment program have presented a range of service proposals, and the entire Union County community is invited to participate in selecting the project that will involve and benefit the community.

This year, the focus is on addressing the crucial issue of mental health, with three proposals submitted by the talented high school students in the program. Each proposal aims to make a positive impact on mental health within the Union County community. Now, the community is encouraged to actively participate in the selection process by voting for their favorite proposal. The voting period begins today and ends on January 22nd. To cast your vote, please visit the UC-STEP website at

Established in 2013, The Union County Student Training and Enrichment Program (UC-STEP) has consistently provided a platform for young people to contribute meaningful service programs that enhance the well-being of Union County residents. This annual tradition not only empowers young leaders, but also ensures that the chosen project reflects the needs and priorities of the Union County community.

For more information about UC-STEP and to cast your vote, please visit