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Union County Commissioner Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded Unveils “Growing Together in Union County” Initiatives at 167th Annual Reorganization Meeting

Union County Commissioner Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded has been selected as Chairwoman of the Union County Board of County Commissioners and announced a series of initiatives for 2024, titled “Growing Together in Union County,” with a few key focuses on enhancing connectivity, inclusivity, supporting seniors, mental health, women’s initiatives, and fostering family connections.

“Union County has always been made up of diverse lives, stories, and aspirations; and the strength of our community comes from the connections between its county government and its residents,” said Commissioner Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded. “As Chairwoman, while we start the journey of “Growing Together in Union County,” I will be dedicated to breaking down barriers, opening doors, and building a stronger community that promises a brighter future for all residents. Let us continue to work together for an even better Union County, where the bonds of community grow stronger and the seeds of progress are sown for generations to come.”

A lifelong resident of Union County, Palmieri-Mouded was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, and now lives in Westfield with her husband George and their five children: Matthew, Christopher, Nicholas, Ryan and Adeline. The Chairwoman announced her initiatives at the 167th annual reorganization meeting held in the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth on Thursday.

Chairwoman Palmieri-Mouded’s vision includes launching a new app and updating the county’s website for residents’ easy access and senior enrichment programs that focus on social activities, swim lessons, and a Seniors Against Scams program. Addressing mental health, the Chairwoman introduced the Train the Trainer Mental Health Program and she emphasized her support for women, relaunching the Union County Commission on the Status of Women. Her family connections involve a reading and tutoring program, expanded youth programs, a mobile sensory unit, and the purchase of aquatic wheelchairs. Lastly, a motivating literacy initiative, inspired by a young resident, Ben Steinberg, who was present at the reorganization meeting, that will introduce inclusive books in 116 Union County public elementary school libraries.

Union County Sheriff Peter Corvelli was sworn in for his second term, alongside Union County Commissioners Lourdes Leon, Joseph Bodek, and newly elected Michèle Delisfort, who were sworn in for their terms. Commissioner Bodek, appointed in December 2022, transitions into his first elected term, while Commissioner Leon assumes the role of Commissioner Vice-Chairwoman. The Commissioners also voted on various County advisory board positions and approved the Board’s 2024 schedule and procedural rules.

Residents can find a transcript of this speech on the Union County website at