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Union County Launches Community Outreach Program

The Union County Board of County Commissioners is proud to announce the launch of the Community Outreach Program, an initiative aimed at strengthening community engagement and providing vital resources to residents. This program marks a significant step forward in enhancing communication and support within our diverse communities.

“The Union County Community Outreach Program will see dedicated teams actively engaging with residents throughout the county, delivering valuable information and resources directly to their doorsteps,” said Commissioner Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded. “Our outreach teams are committed to ensuring that every resident receives the necessary support and information by directly connecting them to county resources and essential services.”

The outreach teams will be visible in the community, wearing distinctive safety vests and carrying identification for easy recognition. Residents can expect to encounter these teams from Monday through Thursday, between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM, as well as on Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Through these regular hours and visible presence, the program seeks to maximize accessibility and ensure that residents can easily engage with the outreach teams.

Union County residents are encouraged to engage with the outreach teams, ask questions, and provide feedback to help shape future initiatives and services. The County of Union remains dedicated to building stronger, more resilient communities, and the Community Outreach Program is a testament to that commitment.

For more information about the Union County Community Outreach Program, please contact our Department of Human Services Action line at 908-677-5405 or visit our website at