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Union County Police PBA Local #73 at Opening Day for the Kenilworth Little League

On Saturday, April 13th, the Union County Police PBA Local #73 participated in the opening day parade and ceremony for the Kenilworth Little League. Members of the PBA #73 provided traffic control and police escorts for the young athletes as they marched down the Boulevard and North 14th Street.

The PBA #73 donated funds to the Kenilworth Little League, an organization that not only teaches kids how to play baseball but how to grow up to learn the value of teamwork, dedication, perseverance and hard work. Local #73 member Dino Capra is not only the coach of the minors-level White Sox team but also an instructor at the baseball clinics, sponsored by the league, helping kids hone their batting and fielding skills.

Capra also serves on the executive board of the Kenilworth Little League, which recently constructed a new batting cage building. During the ceremony, league officials extended heartfelt gratitude to the late John Malcolm Jr., who was instrumental in having the new batting cage building constructed.

The PBA #73’s donation will assist the league with field maintenance costs, umpire expenses and the acquisition of new baseball equipment.