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Max Challenge Gyms donated over $6k to Union County

the max challenge logoThe County of Union has received a gracious donation from the Max Challenge gyms of New Providence and Springfield/Union in the amount of $6,325 to help county residents in need.

“I would like to thank members of the Max Challenge gyms, as well as their owners for their sincere generosity to our Union County community,” said Board Commissioner Chair Rebecca Williams. “As this pandemic continues, some residents are still trying to get back on their feet and these gift cards will help provide a little relief.”

The donation, which came in the form of grocery store gift cards, will be distributed to those in need by the Union County Division of Social Services and was made possible by the generosity of the gyms’ members.

Director Kamili Williams from the Division of Social Services, and Acting Assistant Administrative Supervisor, Terese Clark joined gym owners Allison DiMarzio and Amy Walsh in accepting the donation on the County’s behalf. In addition, in early January, Commissioner Sergio Granados attended the Max Challenge Winter Kickoff event via Zoom, where he thanked the members of Max Challenge for their donation to Union County.

“The past few years have been difficult for many families and every little bit helps,” said Commissioner Sergio Granados, Liaison to the Human Services Advisory Board. “For the last few years, the Max Challenge gyms and their members have demonstrated their willingness to come together and support our Union County community during a time where they may need it the most and on behalf of the Union County Board of Commissioners, I would like to say thank you.”

The gift card collection was done as part of the gym’s 7th Annual “Fitmas Competition,” a friendly and competitive way to get members focused on their fitness and nutrition goals during the toughest time of the year to do just that.

“Members work hard posting pictures of their compliant meals, selfies after their workouts, and sharing how their fellow members inspire them, among other ways to earn points for their team,” said owners Amy and Allison.  “The most incredible way that members could participate was by donating grocery store gift cards for local families in need. THE MAX Challenge of Springfield/Union & New Providence are so grateful for the generosity of its members, reinforcing that THE MAX is more than a fitness & nutrition center. This place is a community, a support system, and a family!”