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Consumer Alert: How to Save Money on Gas

gas usage infographic
Credit: US Environmental Protection Agency.

Union County, NJ – March 10, 2022 – With gas prices on the rise, the Union County Board of Commissioners advises residents on simple ways to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles, without paying for additives or special products that may not work as claimed.

“When gas prices go up, it is common to see advertisements for additives or products that supposedly boost fuel efficiency. Don’t fall for a scam. Drivers can make a substantial improvement in their miles per gallon by observing a few common sense rules of the road,” said Commissioner Chair Rebecca Williams.

A shift in driving habits can potentially increase fuel efficiency by double digits for gas or diesel vehicles, depending on the driver’s previous practices.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that just three basic habits make the biggest difference in the fuel efficiency of gas or diesel cars:

  1. Follow the posted speed limit
  2. Avoid sudden starts and stops
  3. Never idle the engine when parked

EPA also advises these helpful measures:

  • Minimize excess weight by removing unnecessary items from the trunk or cargo area
  • If available, use the cruise control or “eco” settings
  • Use the AC and other accessories only when needed

Keeping up with the vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule and checking the tires for proper inflation can also help with fuel conservation.

Drivers who can use alternative modes of transportation can trim their fuel costs by carpooling or sharing rides for shopping and other errands, shopping locally, using mass transit, and walking or biking when possible.

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