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Peregrine Falcons Start a New Family in Union County

The Union County Board of County Commissioners invites residents and bird watchers from all over the world to tune into the free Union County Falcon Cam livestream at The Falcon Cam provides an up-close look at two peregrine falcons, who are nesting on the roof of the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth.

falcon nesting its eggs
A pair of peregrine falcons is watching over four eggs in their nest, on the roof of the Union County Courthouse tower in Elizabeth. The eggs were laid in March and are expected to hatch towards the end of April.

The falcons are keeping watch over four newly laid eggs. The eggs will hatch towards the end of April.

“The Falcon Cam provides a window into the world of a fierce, fascinating bird that has been restored to our area through the efforts of preservationists. We are very proud to participate in the restoration effort and help foster an appreciation for environmental protection and conservation. In Union County we work towards significant contributions to preserve and protect endangered wildlife,” said Union County Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados.

The population of peregrine falcons in the U.S. was decimated in the 20th century by pollutants including the pesticide DDT. They were put on the federal endangered species list in 1973. Following improvements in many parts of the country, the falcons were removed from the federal list in 1999. However, they remain an endangered species in New Jersey.

Union County has participated in the restoration effort in 2006, when County personnel affixed a nesting box to the Courthouse Tower roof under the guidance of state wildlife experts.

Every year since then, a pair of peregrine falcons has laid eggs in the nesting box. Cameras were also added in 2016 to provide the 24/7 Falcon Cam livestream of the interior and exterior of the nest.

The Commissioner Board has also partnered with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation in education and public outreach programs related to the Falcon Cam.

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