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Party Affiliation Deadline for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election is April 10th

The Union County Board of Elections reminds voters who plan to change their party affiliation that they must do so by April 10th to participate in their new party’s Primary Election on June 4th.

“Voters often do not realize that the deadline to change their affiliation is set long before Primary Day,” said Board of Elections Administrator, Nicole DiRado. “If you plan to change parties ahead of the June 4, 2024 Presidential Primary Election, please be aware that party declaration changes must be received by the Election Board by April 10.”

Ms. DiRado also wishes to highlight a new law that went into effect in 2023 and was updated in 2024:

Any unaffiliated voter, who has opted to receive a vote by mail ballot for all future elections, or for the June 4 primary election, must declare their party by May 28, 2024 to receive their vote by mail ballot through the mail. 

Ms. DiRado reminded voters that they can call the Board of Elections at 908-527-4123 to confirm their party affiliation.  Voters who conduct business with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Office often inadvertently change their party affiliation during their transaction, and may not have even noticed it.

Party Affiliation changes are easy and can be done in several ways. Voters can:

Calling the Election Board is the best way for voters to ensure they are ready to vote for their party’s candidates in the June 4 primary.

The April 10th deadline does not apply to voters who are currently unaffiliated. They may declare their party at the polls during early voting from May 29th through June 2nd, or on June 4th, Election Day.

Voting will take place at the regular polling locations, which can be found on the Election Board website or by calling the Election Board at 908-527-4123. The secure ballot drop box for the Westfield Annual School Board Election is located at the Fraser Building, 300 North Avenue East, Westfield, and will be open for this election for voters wishing to return their mail-in ballot by using the drop-box.

For all Union County Board of Elections information visit or by calling the Election Board at 908-527-4123.