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Union County’s Social Services Division Employee Wins 2023 CWA Worker of the Year Award

The Union County Board of County Commissioners and the Department of Human Services would like to extend warm congratulations to Union County employee Ms. Shioban Dominguez for being selected by the NJ Child Support Council with the 2023 County Welfare Agency (CWA) Worker of the Year Award. Ms. Dominguez was presented the award on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at the Annual NJ CS Conference Luncheon, in the presence of colleagues, family, and friends.

“The Union County Commissioners and I extend our congratulations to Ms. Shioban Dominguez for her extraordinary work that has proven invaluable to the Union County community,” said Commissioner Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded. “Her efforts and assistance to the Human Services Department in collaborating with clients, co-workers, and our residents have greatly enhanced the department’s quality, and her inspiring work ethic promises a continued positive impact in the future.”

Shioban Dominguez has been an invaluable asset to the Child Support and Paternity (CSP) Unit at Union County since she joined in 2011. She was specifically selected to work in the CSP Unit’s UIFSA-IVD Intergovernmental Unit due to her exceptional skills and qualities, which made her the perfect candidate for the role. Shioban has consistently demonstrated excellent performance throughout her tenure, showcasing her ability to learn and adapt to process changes and work responsibilities. Notably, she has gone above and beyond in her duties, providing exceptional guidance to clients during intricate processes and taking on additional responsibilities during busy or short-staffed periods. Her team members and supervisors have described her as a team player, motivated and caring, and a person who consistently brings insightful suggestions in an effort to improve the department and better assist the families of Union County.

“Ms. Dominguez’s well-deserved recognition as the NJ Child Support Council’s 2023 County Welfare Agency Worker of the Year reflects her dedication and exceptional contributions to our Union County community,” said Commissioner Sergio Granados, Liaison to the Human Services Advisory Council. “Her commitment, adaptability, and genuine care for our residents make her a true asset to our Social Services team and the Union County Board of County Commissioners congratulates her and takes great pride in her achievements.”

Union County’s Social Services Division recognizes the importance of providing the necessary financial and emotional support to custodial parents through the Child Support and Paternity Unit. Their efforts are geared towards promoting the productivity and well-being of children and families, thereby contributing to the overall development of our society.

The Social Services Division is a branch of the Union County Department of Human Services. The Department employs over 700 people and serves more than half of the country’s population.

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