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Welcome to the Deserted Village of Feltville/Glenside Park

This site is listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places due to its development in 1845 as Feltville, a self-sucient manufacturing town. While its most signicant history relates to Feltville, the site has had multiple uses, beginning in the early 18th century as Peter’s Hill, an outlying Elizabethtown farmstead, to its present use as a historic site within the Union County Park System.

Peter’s Hill, A Colonial Settlement


Three Special Feltville Buildings


Feltville: A Company Town, 1845−1860


David Felt


Feltville, 1845−1860


Archaeology: Searching For The Past


Feltville Workers, Circa 1850


From Across The Atlantic


Feltville’s Cozy Cottages


Sarsaparilla Man To Deserted Village, 1860−1882


Glenside Park, 1882–1916


Bookbinding At Feltville


Power For Felt’s Factory


The Mexican Murals, Circa 1920s