Battle of the Short Hills Historic Trail: Sites Along the Way

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#METUCHEN RR STATION, 349 Main St, Metuchen, NJ 08840 Brief history of the BattleLink
Timeline listing the battles in New Jersey Link
NHead north on Main St toward Pennsylvania AveAs you head away from the station, you will cross Middlesex Ave(NJ 27) which is also the Lincoln Highway, the first road across America. Link
<One more block up on your left is Durham Avenue, and just in from Main Street at 16 Durham Ave, is the Ayers-Allen House. Built in 1740, it was a tavern during the Revolutionary War. It was placed on the state and federal historic registers in 1985. Link
<Turn left onto Plainfield Ave to end
>Turn right onto Plainfield Rd
#Continue onto New Dover Rd
<Turn left onto Tingley LaneOn your right is Oak Tree Pond Historic Park. During the Revolutionary War, this was a 9-acre farm owned by Reuben Ayers, who was in the local militia. During the Battle of the Short Hills, the house was looted by the British / Hessian forces, and the barn was burned down. Link
>Turn right onto Inman Ave
<Turn left onto Rahway RdYou will soon cross the border from Middlesex County to Union County, although neither existed at the time of the Revolution
>Turn right onto Raritan RdWhile walking Raritan Road, you will actually be walking along another chapter in American Revolutionary War history, for you are now on a small portion of the Washington-Rochambeacu National Historic Trail, which runs from Rhode Island to Virginia and marks the contribution of France to the American victory at Yorktown. Link
Just before you reach Martine Ave, you will pas the Frazee House on your left,site of the legendary confrontation between Elizabeth "Betty" Frazee and a British general during the battle. Link
<Turn left onto Martine Ave
After passing through downtown Fanwood, you will cross over the railroad tracks. On your left is the historic Fanwood Train Station and home to the local historical society. Link
#Martine Ave becomes Park Ave
Passing through downtown Scotch Plains, you will reach the light at Front Street, where there is a war memorial. Just a short walk west on Front Street will bring you to the Osborn House, home of the Scotch Plains Historical Society. Link Also on that corner is the historic Stage House Inn, which is included on a much longer listing of some of the other historic homes along Park Avenue and Front Street. Link
#Cross over Rt. 22 via overpass and continue straight on New Providence Rd
#Continue onto New Providence Rd
>Turn right onto Union Ave
<Turn left onto Meadow St
>Turn right onto the Sierra Trail, a hiking trail in the Union County's Watchung Reservation
#Stay on Sierra TrailIn the gorge down to your left, the wounded were brought back to safety in the mountains. This area became known as Bloody Gap. Link
*Arrive Deserted Village (3 Cataract Hollow Rd, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922)Link