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A statement from the Union County Board of County Commissioners

The Union County Board of County Commissioners, along with every elected official in our County, are voted in to work for all people – no matter what ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or creed. Our residents elect us because they trust in us and they trust that we will respond to certain events and take a stand for what is right.

We make this statement today to say that the recent release of recorded audio depicting hate, racist and sexist remarks out of the mouths of the Clark Mayor and some Public Safety Officials is a perfect example of why we cannot be silent in our County. These statements certainly do not represent the views of the Board of County Commissioners or the efforts we have made over the years to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion.

Union County is one of the most diverse in the state and we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all. The Board of County Commissioners actively work together to dismantle racism, gender biases and more to make sure all of our residents feel welcomed and included. From the creation of offices dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion, to special needs, to an office on women – we work vigilantly to remain one county, one community.

We must remind the residents of Union County that this is not us – we stand against the remarks of the Mayor and Public Safety Officials in Clark and we stand with the people of the community who are calling for their immediate resignation, as their racist and sexist remarks clearly illustrate that they are unfit to lead.   We stand with the community, which is equally outraged and we continue to be committed to the work that makes us unified.

As a Commissioner Board, we will continue to strive to change the structures of inequality and we will continue to be active and vigilant in our work. We ask that all of our residents join in with us on the fight against discrimination. We will not tolerate the hate or racial division – there is no place in Union County for this behavior.”